Do You Ever Have Dreams Being Pregnant?


Women mostly experience dreams about being pregnant at sleep time. Many questions might arise if your wife, sister or a close female friend is having this dream theme. Get an expert to advice on what these dreams might mean if they are recurring and disturbing. This article, however, might give a hint on what these dreams mean.

What is the meaning of dreams about being pregnant?

Mainly these dreams are about creativity

esdrftghLadies have a way of creating a new life out of their body. If you get these pregnancy dreams often, it is likely that you are craving of creativity or dreaming of a creative new project that will come to reality in some time in future. This can be as small as a home project or even large artistic project.

What can I know about myself from having pregnancy dreams?

Pregnancy dreams mostly carry hidden meanings and talk about something inside, symbolized by a fetus that has not yet been approved or revealed to the world. Individuals with rejected or pending desires are prone to pregnancy dreams. For instance, if a person had a great passion for music but due parents pressure and influence become a doctor, he or she may be filled with dreams of being pregnant until they pursue their original passion.

Are there tricks, or ways of inducing or stopping dreams about being pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams can be induced by focusing and thinking of what you want to bring in the world. To induce these dreams, think of what you want to achieve in the sleepy minutes just before sleep. To avoid these dreams then ignore all your goals and objectives and think of your achievements before sleep.

Cultural symbols from dreams on being pregnant

esdfcgvbhPregnancy is universal. Hence these dreams cannot be associated with culture or ethics. Irrespective of gender, culture, and origin pregnancy dreams symbolize fertility universally. Lotus flower from Asian culture can symbolize these pregnancy dreams. Sometimes these dreams result or symbolize a real pregnancy.

Who frequently gets dreams about being pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams are highly common in particular among women. Getting pregnant is an accepted way of women gaining power and experience, so pregnancy dreams take a large territory in women. However, some men also have these pregnancy dreams.

What does it mean if I dream some else being pregnant but they are not in real life?

erdfasdhIt can happen that sometimes these dreams are factual, and the individual turns out to be truly pregnant. But mostly pregnancy dreams symbolize something left inside undone or unfulfilled. A desire or passion this person once cared for and never happened is coming to fulfillment either emotionally or at the physical level or struggling to let it out.