Guide To Unlock iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


When you purchase an iPhone 7 or 7 plus from a carrier in the United States, your smartphone comes locked. What this means that it only works with the service provider you bought it from. For instance, if you have bought your phone from AT & T, then your iPhone  7 or 7 plus will only accept or allow SIM cards of this carrier, and it will not work with other service providers. Likewise, there are various techniques to unlock your iPhone 7 or 7 plus from this lock and be able to use it on all other carriers.

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Three Main Alternatives

When searching for the best unlocking solutions for iPhones, you are likely to get three alternatives that include using software, hardware, or an IMEI unlock.

Software Unlocking

This method has not been effective since the iPhone 3G. This was the first iPhone unlocking technique that appeared on the market. It first became popular when the iPhone 3G was produced and exploited a hardware dodge on the smartphone to allow users to move their devices to any carrier they preferred. Apple noted this loophole, and it was rectified with the release of the iPhone’s next generations; hence not effective on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Hardware Unlock

Some individual claims to unlock iPhone 7 and 7 Plus by opening the smartphone up and altering the inside. However, this process is dangerous, can destroy your phone, destroy its data, and void your AppleCare. In addition, you need to give away your device for a few days, and it is only effective in 30 percent of the situations. Furthermore, since they work with a welder to alter the hardware in your gadget, the risk of messing things up is high and not worth it.

Therefore, between probable hardware failures, having your warranty voided, and low success rates, this is not the best option for people who have a better alternative. And this option exists.

IMEI Unlocking

klskldkdlfkdkThe third and the best way to unlock your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the factory or IMEI unlock. An IMEI is the special identifying code that is used to identify a phone. Every phone has its unique code, and it is stored in the company’s database together with other identifying characteristics, including color, model number, year of production, storage size, and whether it is locked to a certain network.

An IMEI unlock ensures that your phone status changes from being locked to being unlocked in the Apple database. This method is effective, permanent, safe, and does not void your warranty.

There are lots of benefits of getting your gadget unlocked, such as flexibility, convenience during travel, easier connectivity, among other benefits.